Protected Designation of Origin "Sierra de Cazorla"

The beautiful Sierra de Cazorla, and specifically the Jaén municipality of Quesada, houses the farms where our centenary olive trees live, treated with care and dedication. Our olive grove offers a unique product.

Olive trees of the Picual variety with a small amount of Royal variety

The picual variety provides an intense green fruity aroma, with nuances of banana peel and tomato plant, apple, freshly cut grass, green banana, green almond and a harmonious bitter balance. A small part of our olive grove is home to a coveted variety for its excellent flavor and particularity: the Royal olive. A combination of aroma and flavor difficult to forget.

Traditional methods & innovation

Thus, we offer a pure olive oil, with an unbeatable flavor and that transfers the exquisite essence of the Mediterranean diet to its dishes, thanks to a careful production and marketing process down to the smallest detail. Its production is based on a traditional and ecological cultivation, with a first extraction process at less than 27ºC and a pressing that keeps all the properties of olive oil intact.

NON-GMO Certified

We are committed to nature. Genetic modification affects many of the products we consume daily. We have been certified by Non-GMO Project, which is an independent third-party organization. Their verification process involves facility audits and documented evidence for each product

Good Manufacturing Practices

Our practices ensure our products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch. All critical processes are validated to guarantee consistency and compliance with specifications. Our GMP covers all aspects of production; from the starting materials, premises, and equipment. Our operators are trained to make sure products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

All natural extra virgin olive oil

The Lunatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml) is a premium, full-bodied, versatile olive oil. Crafted in Spain from Picual olives, it maintains a smooth and delicate balance of both green and ripe fruits. and presents medium intensities of bitterness and spice.
Ideal for gift-giving, The Lunatic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest quality with an elegant presentation.
Our All Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a truly natural product. It has passed all the requirements to be certified by NON-GMO Project.

Basil infused extra virgin olive oil

The union of our high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a denomination of origin “Sierra de Cazorla”, with the so-called king of the herbs the basil, allows us to enjoy the good flavors and fantastic dishes like dips, salad dressings, pasta sauces and many more.

Basil infused extra virgin olive oil elevates your dishes to a sublime category.

Truffle infused extra virgin olive oil

Truffle infused extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful blend of our high-quality oil from Jaen, Spain with original truffles from the North of Italy which provides a gentle truffle flavor, ideal to season your favorite dishes.
It gives an exceptional taste to different dishes, in pasta, mash, pizza dressing, risotto or vegetables, French fries.