Jaén, the cradle of oil and land of olive groves, is the home that has seen the birth and growth of the best EVOO in the world: It is also the place where MJ Packaging LLC partnered with the best producers of the region to create The Lunatic Oil, a brand based on the quality, exquisiteness, and exclusivity of its EVOO.

We are a family-owned and operated company based in Rainier, Oregon. Our roots stem back to over 100 years of proud business ownership. The Lunatic oil is founded on tradition, the result of the efforts of several generations that have left a mark with his passion, good work, and perseverance. Our story is a story of sourcing the best products for people and making brands that bring together quality products with happy customers.

The Lunatic Oil offers a unique product that brings to your table all the flavor and the properties of this world-prized liquid gold.
Our partnership was sealed on the beautiful Sierra de Cazorla, a place that houses the estates where centenary olive trees are treated with care and dedication, offering a unique product, with the highest quality standards and that have the Protected Designation of Origin “Sierra de Cazorla”.

Most of the olive groves are Picual, which occupies 94% of the surface, and there remains a stronghold of an own and autochthonous variety that is the Royal variety that is concentrated in the terms municipalities of Cazorla, La Iruela, and Quesada (Jaén). It is a special olive, which is only produced in this area and that gives rise to oil that combines an intense fruity flavor but smooth, with very little bitterness.


Our products contain nature’s finest ingredients. Our all-natural products are of the highest quality, including our extra virgin olive oil, which is exclusively obtained through a cold-pressed process.

The foundation of our product is a clean and true EVOO with a standout flavor profile and an acidity of less than 0.19.
The Lunatic is perfect for use at every meal and it also promotes a healthy balance. Try The Lunatic and change the way you’re living…and eating!