Extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety. It can be used for fried foods, to dress salads, for cheeses, for meats. Picual olive oil can be enjoyed raw accompanied by toast or a tomato with salt.


Infused with the king of herbs, it is fabulous with tomato salad and lettuce, as well as pasta, risotto and  caprese. For tomato and lettuce salads,  seasoning pizza, or finishing pasta dishes. Use it to make pesto.


Extra virgin olive oil with an incredible earthy  aroma. Over risotto or pasta, delivers a unique essence that is different and stunning. Also try it on baked potatoes, omelettes, mushrooms, or pizza.


Our extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively by mechanical procedures. It is an authentic natural product without additives or chemical intervention. A true olive juice with an acidity of less than 0.19º.

Coming from the olive trees of Quesada, a town located within the Cazorla, Segura, and Las Villas natural park, our extra virgin olive oil has the Protected Designation of Origin “Sierra de Cazorla, Spain”, which guarantees and strengthens the quality level of the product.



Genetic modification affects many of the products we consume daily.

We have been certified by Non-GMO Project, which is an independent third-party organization.

Their verification process involves facility audits and documented evidence for each product. 

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The extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety is an ideal oil to enjoy raw due to the variety of its notes that range from fruity freshness to the forceful flavor of oil that is intense in bitterness and itchiness, being therefore a varietal that allows very diverse applications in the kitchen.

It shines spectacularly, especially when used as a dressing in salads or simply with bread, although it pairs with practically all foods, whether they are cheeses, sausages or preserves, with meats or fish, even fried with Picual EVOO are exquisite as well as in breaded and battered ingredients. .

The great stability of this oil makes it very suitable for long-cooking stews to which the picual has a lot and good to contribute, it is also ideal as a preservative for sausages, meats, cheeses and preserves in general. Without a doubt, Picual extra virgin olive oil has a lot of personality and its character, full-bodied, powerful, will enhance many of your dishes.